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Temperament Test

This test can be used to discover your temperament or that of your child. If you are a parent, you can take this test with your child (explaining words he doesn’t understand) or take it for him (teens should be able to take it alone). Circle the ONE word in each line that BEST fits. There should be only ONE WORD circled in EACH LINE. Choose the natural, instinctive, consistent tendency — not something learned in school or at home, or an acquired skill. Now, transfer the SAME WORD you circled in EACH LINE of the test to the score sheet. You will notice the words are in a different order than they were in the test. After copying all of the circled words from the test to the score sheet (there should be only ONE circled word in each line), you can identify your temperament and your child’s primary (and secondary) temperament based on the temperament (or temperaments) that has the most circled words. There should be a total of twenty-five words, with only ONE WORD in each line. (Copyright © 2014 Art and Laraine Bennett)

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