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The Temperament God Gave You

Understand yourself and your loved ones--by understanding the classic four temperaments.  Discover what motivates, disciplines, and "floats your boat." The four temperaments has a long and venerable history in Catholic tradition, and now it's updated for the modern spouse, parent, and teacher. 


"I'd like to go with 6 stars for this book which I can't stop talking about. The words choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and - woe is me - melancholic have carved a permanent place in our vocab. A fun read and very user friendly for the layman who wants a better understanding of human relationships." Susie Lloyd, author of Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned, Please Don't Drink the Holy Water and Yes, God! 

The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse

Is your spouse the "strong, silent" type? While you are the social butterfly, always ready to get together with friends, and wondering why he doesn't want to tell you all about his day? Or perhaps he is the classic leader, who wants the troops to follow his every command. These are all differences in temperament and, once you understand your spouse's temperament (and your own!) you will have a much better understanding of what makes him tick, what really makes him feel loved, what are his "hot buttons," and how best to communicate with him. In this book, we describe all the different temperament combinations in marriage and suggest some ways to handle the unique challenges that yours creates. Grow in love and respect for your spouse, by understanding the temperament God gave him or her. 

The Temperament God Gave Your Kids

Do you have a child who is into everything? Your energetic, bubbly child is often the center of attention...and sometimes in the middle of trouble! Or perhaps you have a child who is just the opposite: quiet, studious, and slow to warm up in social situations. Then there's the future lawyer: that argumentative, willful child who sometimes makes you want to pull your hair out.


As parents, we all have, at one time or another, wondered: Where did this child come from? Am I doing something wrong? You are not doing anything wrong, and there is very likely nothing wrong with your child! It may simply be their God-given temperament.


When you understand your child's unique temperament, you will have the key to unlocking his behavior, moods, and motivational forces for more effective discipline, growth in virtue, and a happy, loving, peaceful family life. 

The Emotions God Gave You

Emotions such as anger or sadness or desire arise within us, often without our directly willing them. But we are still free to choose how we respond to them. How can we better understand our God-given emotions and manage them so that we gain the emotional equilibrium and healthy balance we need to take charge of our lives and grow closer to Christ? We discuss the importance of our emotions, how they affect our lives, and how our thoughts, attitudes, and behavior can affect our emotions.  How can we manage our emotions so they don't run our lives? Can we trust our feelings? When do emotions become destructive? How do past emotional wounds affect our present-day emotional balance? How do our emotions impact our spiritual life?

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