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"Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you." --1 Peter 5:7


When Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons, he, too, felt drained (cf Mark 5:30). The caregiver's work is at once supremely rewarding...and exhausting, lonely, humiliating, and monotonous. Such demanding daily work requires prayer time. 


This book is for you, the caregiver. You don't have much time for yourself, so the reflections are short. They are meant to inspire, lighten your spirits, and provide food for thought. 


​I hope this book brings you warmth, laughter, a stirring of heart, a feeling of tenderness for the body of Christ who is present to you in the distressing guise of the sick. I hope you feel encouraged, renewed, and strengthened. 



Anyone enduring the particular struggles and sufferings of being a caregiver will find refreshment, light and inspiration in these pages.


--Rev. Thomas V. Berg, MA, PhD

Professor of Moral Theology, St. Joseph's Seminary

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